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When does the restaurant close?

9:00 but I wouldn't cut it too close, after 8:30 They start closing the kitchen up.

Is the restaurant available to dine in?

Yes they are. I make it a point to stop there every time I'm in Sheboygan. 😋 (Which is quite often)

Hello,Some man from Conquistadora has been calling my work place. I work in a public school in the area, and don't understand why he called, except that he was angry and accusing me of calling your place of business. What is going on? I am NOT

Maybe you should stop in and talk to one of the ladies at front desk. They can fix.

What time is the pico de Gallo set out in the buffet please?


Does the store accept EBT?

Yes, they do

Do you deliver???

Yes they go through GrubHub and seamless

What time does the restraunt open?

The store opens at 8am and the restaurant opens at 11am.

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